Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excursions in the Far East: Part II - Japan

After a week in Korea focusing on Wedding business and hanging out w/ old friends who live, or have lived there, and know the language fluently, as well as the good spots to eat and what to order, Sara and I ventured off on our own to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, where we were suddenly thrust into the 'Visiting Asia for the first time' experience head-on... 3 nights in Tokyo, 2 nights in Kyoto... not nearly enough time to really grasp the full richness of culture, history and crazy contemporary action on display... an extra month wouldn't have been enough just to explore both of these awesome anagram cities, with their mazes of winding alleys, streets and canals throughout... Regardless, this whole experience has just made me want to go back and dive deeper, sooner rather than later... Any other friends out there getting married soon who need a Wedding Photog? 

Again, much props to Walkie-D for giving us an excuse to make this all happen... you the man! Hope you and JoJo are diggin' married life :) Next time we'll hafta go travellin' together, eh?

- June 18-23, 2012

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