Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Excursions in the Far East - Part I: Korea

Headed out to Asia for the first time to shoot JoJo + Sean's wedding, an old college friend from OHIO who now lives in Gwangju. We first ventured to the island of Namhae, about 2 hours away, where we stayed in a seaside property that they had rented out for friends and family as a kind of 'pre-wedding' bbq/party/shotgunnin'/chill time. 
On our return to Gwangju, we were able to check out the main market in town and all 
of its eye-popping surroundings, from live eel and squid tanks to duck slaughter booths, as well as grammatically confusing t-shirts of all shapes and colors... and so much more!

June 12th-15th, 2012

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