Monday, September 9, 2013

Farm House Explorations

Took a trip back to Chicago last week w/ Sara and spent a few days out in the 'burbs w/ her sister CJPro and her family in Channahon. After crushing a late Bob Evans lunch (some deliciousness you can't get here in NYC... Sunshine Skillet rise up!), we cruised out to the cornfields of Minooka and checked out an old dilapidated farm house Cindy had passed a month back when it was being used as a temporary film set. The house seemed lost in time, totally abandoned and falling apart, yet still telling stories of its eloquent life as a manor house on the farm... we were able to walk inside and explore the entire space, the creepiness slightly subdued by the sunlight pouring in through the various windows, highlighting the remnants... 

- 9/5/13 -


  1. Sweet! Love these shots and it was fun creepin...I must find more old places to creep next time you visit...