Monday, July 1, 2013

NYC PRIDE 2013 ((((•))))

here's a slew of photos i shot during yesterday's Pride March... i arrived for the later half of the madness near where the parade route ended in the West Village and swooped my way in w/ all the marchers. the mood was as lively, celebratory and debaucherous as you'd expect, with some extra positive vibes in the air on the heels of DOMA's defeat earlier in the week. even grabbed some shots of NYC mayoral hopefuls Anthony Weiner, Bill Deblasio, John Liu and Christine Quinn (her hardrollin' security threw me out of the parade cuz apparently i got too close to her... my bad Quinn crew!) crazy love was abound otherwise! and eventually made my back in, regardless... so yeah, check out some of the action below:} -

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