Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Croatia - Part II

Here are some more selects from Zadar and Split as I continue to edit through all of the images I shot on our 2 week Croatia trip... 

Following a brief couple nights in Italy to see MBV live and check out the legendary canals of Venice, we drove back to Croatia for the remainder of our stay. First stop: Nin beach, just outside Zadar... a raw, quiet strip of beach w/ abandoned shacks at the end of a vast meadow... no sign of Trent Reznor though ;) - We then hit up our first roadside kodoba, traditional restaurants where you'd see guys at brick grills roasting up whole lambs and pigs on spits by the street all over Croatia. Spent a couple nights in Zadar, staying in an apartment right next to 2 of the city's most innovative, interactive art installations: Greeting to the Sun, an LED lit sundial, and the Sea Organ, pipe-like leveled steps that emit fluctuating hums and moans based on the patterns of the Adriatic Sea... so cool! After a few days exploring Zadar, we headed south to Split, Croatia's second largest city built in and around Diocletian's Palace by the sea, a maze-like town we got lost in on a few occasions, but eventually found our way around despite the rain... good times, great oldies!

... more to come from Brella and the Dubrovnik area :::

- 5/29-6/1/2013 -


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