Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catching Up With...


Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the past month +... things have been kinda hectic + nutty ... what else is new in NYC?! keepin' things crazy - ... anyway, here's a visual recap of some late-February action, as well as the month of March, highlights including: home recording the new FUTURE HUNTER record 'POSTMORTAL' in my living room w/ Richie Rich; Woodsman out of their element at Brooklyn Bowl; Tamaryn layin' their dreamy haze all over us @ Music Hall of WillyB; Atoms for Peace live @ Le Poisson Rouge (one of the best live electronic shows I've seen in a long time!); Bjork's 'Midnight Moment' in Times Square every night during March from 11:57-12am, featuring her latest video for 'Mutual Core' projected on a myriad of screens around an otherwise wasted area - workin' late nights on the photo desk at the Post allowed me to take breaks when I was there and have a chance to capture it from various angles; contemporary Chilean psych rippers Follakzoid and Holydrug Couple live @ Death by Audio + Mercury Lounge (went both nights! wuh?!?!); fellow cosmic travellers from Seattle Midday Veil @ Silent Barn (great to see Emily + David again :)); the incredible Clint Mansell show @ Church of St. Paul the Apostle with Worldless Music; EDS weekend at the REDKEN Exchange with some of my favorite peeps; along w/ a few random shots from the streets... 
enjoy the view!


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