Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Beginning?

hey, whadya know? it's a New Year, 2012. whoa. let's hope the Mayans were wrong and we somehow turn things around as a collective whole and help FURTHERING mankind into 2013 and beyond... 

so yeah, aside from that, Happy New Year y'all! been a bit out of touch on the whole blog front... started a new gig a coupla months back on the photo desk at the NY Post, so that's been keeping me pretty busy since Halloween weekend (my first day was the same day as the freakish NYC October Blizzzzzard of Oz). so in turn, i haven't been out shooting as often... my bad! guess i'll hafta learn a whole new era of time management and up the productivity levels a bit... all while staying deeply focused w/ a less cynical mindstate. we'll see if i can keep my resolution... ;)


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