Tuesday, January 17, 2012

M.L.K Day in Harlem

So a picture desk editor at work asked me to go out and find an event to shoot for Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year... I did a little research and discovered the Harlem Arts Alliance, who were holding an 'I Am The Dream: MLK Day of Service' event at the Harriet Tubman Learning Center in Harlem. Took a trip up there in the afternoon, where I experienced a total upbeat, positive environment that I'm sure would've made Dr. King proud. Among the performers on hand were local dance/vocal group The Gentz, It's Ya Girl Nicolette!, (who commanded the crowd with her moves, voice + stage presence), and Kid 'N Play inspired rapper The 80s Baby. Also on hand were local organizations providing information on their pursuits and positive actions throughout the Harlem neighborhood, such as the Circle of Brothers...

Of course, I had to stop by Sylvia's while I was up there too... ;}


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