Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween in the Village

this year was my first time taking part in the massive Village Halloween Parade... missed the past couple years for whatever reason, and DAMMMMMNNNN, this parade was no joke. don't think i'll be missing any more from here on out. i headed out of work at 5:30 to truck down 6th avenue 30 some blocks to join up with the costumed marchers near Canal Street and meshed into the crowd, waiting for over an hour at least for the parade to actually start... but once it did, total hilariousness! ducked out after walking back up to 14th and backtracked the entire parade route to have a few dranks at LPR, where i stuck around for Brett's always inappropriate 'Nasty Mondays' party and a Michael T bash in the main space... the Village itself was an outta control block party til i split back to Brooklyn around 1... gotta work in the morning!

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